Creating the Experience

P1120646In today’s world many of us are always connected, easily distracted by the next text, tweet, email or latest device enabled game and constantly trying to stay on top of a fast paced and constantly changing environment. Communication via an electronic medium has removed a large proportion of personal interaction and from personal experience, it is often hard to find time to step back and reflect on what makes you special, the strengths that you bring to any situation and how to focus those strengths to get the best results for yourself and for those around you.

The Back to Basics experience aims to help people do exactly that: Get back to basics! Stripping out the clutter and noise of a busy, technology heavy world in order to reconnect with nature and themselves, allowing them to refocus their energy to achieve the results they want.

Each experience aims to be a journey of self discovery, immersing you in unique locations where technology will be unavailable and interaction with nature and the local community essential. You will spend the majority of the experience enjoying the local fauna and flora, giving back to the local community and undertaking group and one to one activities, the rest of the time will be spend on the three R’s: Rest, Recuperation and Reflection.

The Perfect Guest

FeetThese Experiences are designed for anyone who feels like they never have enough time to do everything, or someone who has reached a cross roads in their life and is not sure which path to take. Someone who feels overwhelmed or disconnected from it all. Someone who just needs some time out.

Someone who wants to reconnect with nature and themselves or someone who just wants to have a unique experience in a unique environment with an open mind to learn something new about themselves along the way,

They will be willing to try new things and participate in activities even if they sound a little silly, uncomfortable or embarrassing. They will have a sense of adventure and wonder and be willing to share their experiences and stories of their own journey of self discovery in a group environment.

They will treat the other members if the group with respect while challenging themselves and those around them to think differently and see things from various perspectives. They will take pleasure in the small things.

If you think this sounds like you then one of our Experiences is for you.