The reasons for taking things back to basics

StaircaseThe Back to Basics experience and Foundation has resulted from Heather’s own journey of self discovery, her passion for people and her desire to share the uncluttered and unapologetic wilderness with others.

Through many crucible moments of at different stages of her own life: the loss of her father shortly after turning 21, being high-jacked at gunpoint where they threatened to shoot her partner and being booked off work for 4 weeks due to a stress related illness, she have learnt that striking the right balance between accomplishment and relaxation, are instrumental in recognising when her resilience is running low and understanding the interventions she need to make to stay grounded and successful.

As an avid traveller, Heather has chosen each of the Experiences based on the sense of peace and revelation that she encountered when visiting each location, with some very subtle nuance between each one:
The Bush Experience provides an abundance of opportunity for mindfulness – the fresh air, the wildlife and diversity in the African landscape – to this day, Heather still finds watching a lion walk past the truck you are in, the quiet before a thunderstorm or dedication of a dung beetle in building a home , some of the most humbling experiences.
The Mountain Experience looks to combine mindfulness with back to basics industry – experience the local fauna and flora which includes some incredible bees, butterflies, and on occasion bears, while learning old fashioned traditions such as making your own bread or jam.
The Reshape Experience adds the opportunity to focus on your health, allowing you the opportunity to challenge your fitness self beliefs and reaffirm mind over matter.

Supported by an experienced coach, each experience is designed to allow those who are invited to start, compliment or reflect on their own journey without the distraction our continuously connected lives.

The necessity for reflection, reconnection and rejuvenation

P1140572In the Information Age, we all struggle to disconnect from a busy workload and our responsibilities. Most of us will have a laptop for work, one for home, a mobile phone and a tablet (some of us even have multiples of these). With Wi-Fi being freely available in most locations, we are always online and connected in one form or another. The books we read, movies we watch and music we listen to are mostly digital and we spend a large proportion of our time communicating through email or text message. Many of us will find ourselves ‘multitasking’: often doing things on the tablet or laptop while watching television or catching up on countless work emails and friends Facebook posts or reading online media while on the train.

People very rarely interact without a medium these days and there has been a significant step change in the social environment as we take what used to be face to face interactions to an electronic environment – some of us can no longer function without our mobile phones or social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. The world has become a much smaller place, social cues become more subtle to identify, and with the advent of cyber bullying, a sense of self and the strengths that you bring, instrumental in your personal success. Research shows that those who adapt to the constantly changing environment while staying self motivated and energised, do so, by taking time to contemplate, relate and regenerate.

There are some amazing places in the world which are beautiful by their simplicity, still untouched by the modern world, and that provide a window to what life was like before the technological revolution. Each Experience provides a direct line to the stillness that comes from a natural and unsophisticated environment allowing space and time to reflect, reconnect and rejuvenate.