I have written a couple of blogs – both personal and professional but this is my first as a small business owner – a prospect that I find both exciting and terrifying.

Thoughts of where to start, what to say, am I a good enough writer, whether anyone will find it interesting, should it be different to what has been said already and will it inspire anyone to action, plague me and I find myself talking myself out of doing it on regular occasions.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation (be it writing something or any other of those sneaky life decisions that keep coming up then I find it is always best to start by facing your fear (notice I said ‘face’ not fight or flight).

Fear is a natural reaction to protect us from harm, it can both be rational and irrational and the intensity might vary depending in the situation. For now, just acknowledge it, name it even! Recognise that you are avoiding doing something because of an underlying emotion: ‘I don’t want to’ masquerading as a desire rather than a fear.

Next, start at the very beginning

  • Reflect on why you feel this way and be honest with yourself – if you are dodging your own questions then admit to yourself that you are not ready to face this fear just yet.
  • Think of examples where you may have faced this fear before or something similar (example: I find heights very unnerving especially if I can see through my feet – chain ladders and the like – so when I find myself on said ladder, I will challenge myself to think of it as a solid surface or focus on the end point rather than the individual steps).
  • Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like if you weren’t afraid, harness and channel that feeling of empowerment (strike a Wonder Woman or Superman pose while doing this).

Lastly, ask for help
For me, asking for help is not an acknowledgement of weakness but an acknowledgement that we all have complementary strengths. We, as individuals, can’t be good at everything but I can guarantee you that you have a friend or colleague who is not only great at the things you are struggling with but who loves doing it. All you need to do is tap in to that passion, which by nature will be infectious – and you can only do that if you ask!

And so, having faced my fear and asked for some guidance from friends, I have decided to start this blog from one of the crucible moments in my life, a moment where my view of the world and where I was headed changed fundamentally, and the point that set the course that has culminated in the creation of the Back to Basics Experiences.

It may not make sense now but stay with me as I peel back the layers of my journey, hopefully share some lessons that resonate along the way and give you a glimpse of why the this wellness project is so close to my heart.

While you await the next installment, I would love to hear how you have faced a fear, what or who helped you to do so and what you learnt from facing that fear – pictures if your Wonder Woman and Superman poses also very welcome 🙂