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Adventure is only a moment away

by Heather Orton

Adventure comes in many forms and watching a loved one lose their house and everything that was in it, certainly sets the scene for an interesting adventure – makes you step back and take stock of what’s truly important. It meant  that I put many things on hold to help those dearest to me put […]

Taking things back to basics

by Heather Orton

What the numbers say… In the last 3 years, there have been numerous articles on digital saturation, the need for digital detox and the impact that being constantly connected has on both individuals and organisations. Scary stats such as 68% of us taking a device to bed, 84% of us not being able to go […]

Facing a fear

by Heather Orton

I have written a couple of blogs – both personal and professional but this is my first as a small business owner – a prospect that I find both exciting and terrifying. Thoughts of where to start, what to say, am I a good enough writer, whether anyone will find it interesting, should it be […]

A Spiritual Journey

by Heather Orton

I find a moment of mindfulness as I lay shattered on the Thai training mats. The air has started to cool as it is early evening and we have just finished another 2 hour session of Thai kick boxing. I do a mental check of how I am feeling – every muscle burns and I […]

Mountains, Bees and Bears

by Heather Orton

I am lying in a field filled with flowers, surrounded by the buzzing of numerous bugs and bees. The fresh air blankets me from the mountains that circle my chosen location and I can smell the fresh grass under me. I have been lying here a while, soaking it all in, reflecting on things, when […]

Experiencing the Bush

by Heather Orton

I am in the back of the truck, second row where I can spot what the bush has to offer more easily. We are driving down a dusty dirt road and I can feel the evening air rushing through the front, it smells dry and fresh all at the same time. The bush noises crowd […]