Adventure comes in many forms and watching a loved one lose their house and everything that was in it, certainly sets the scene for an interesting adventure – makes you step back and take stock of what’s truly important.

It meant  that I put many things on hold to help those dearest to me put things back together.

I paused many things, to focus on what I felt was important and the Back to Basics Foundation was one of those things.

I cancelled the 2017 experience, stopped posting regular updates and more recently realised that I never shared anything on the 2016 experience or posted some of the incredible sights that we managed to capture during our trip.

Casting my memory back….

15 of us arrived at Johannesburg Airport (OR Thambo) on Monday, 26 September 2016, with an air of anticipation and excitement.

The 2016 group consisted of a father and son, a work colleague and her room mate, a life coach and his wife, an avid photographer, a runner, a friend from the military and his wife, my nephews mother-in-law, my mom and my partner and I.

During the 4 hour bus journey to Mosetlha (on the Botswana border), we got to know each other better, shared stories and caught up on some sleep.

Arriving mid-afternoon we made ourselves comfortable in our cabins, had a tour of the camp with instruction of how to get hot water for the showers, stowed any leftover snacks in the fridges (so the squirrels don’t steal them) and then headed out for our first game drive.

The bush did not disappoint

We were blessed with lions and leopard , both with a kill, cheetah on the open plains, rhinos fighting, elephants playing in watering holes and lots of babies: baby lions (4 weeks old), baby hyena, baby rhino. In Camp we had zebra, warthogs, buffalo, brown hyena, honey badger (still have not managed to see him though) countless birds and we even had lions early one morning (3 am so we were all tucked up safely in our cabins).

Add that to the breathtaking sunrises, the in-depth knowledge of the guides and the comfort of the camp,  the landscape never ceases to inspire me.

In between game drives, we spent our time chatting, practicing yoga (one of our guests practiced and offered to lead some sessions), daily keep fit (one of our guests is a life coach and cannot go a day without movement), reading, reflecting and relaxing.

The group meals were always fun with Mosetlha preparing the best that the South African bush has to offer, where each of us would regale Caroline and Monika (Mosetlha owner and manager) with stories of what we had seen that day.

Evenings were spent with drinks and stories around the Camp fire and then lights out at 10, in preparation for the next day’s adventure.

Looking forward

It’s always hard to capture the magic of Mosetlha and what Africa has to offer, the local people believe that once you have come, you will always carry the African dust on your clothes and the African spirit in your heart.

The Back to Basics Bush Experience 2018 is filling up fast which is very humbling after taking a year off – we still have a couple of spaces open if you are interested in joining us.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Hamba Kahle