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A Spiritual Journey

by Heather Orton

I find a moment of mindfulness as I lay shattered on the Thai training mats. The air has started to cool as it is early evening and we have just finished another 2 hour session of Thai kick boxing. I do a mental check of how I am feeling – every muscle burns and I […]

Mountains, Bees and Bears

by Heather Orton

I am lying in a field filled with flowers, surrounded by the buzzing of numerous bugs and bees. The fresh air blankets me from the mountains that circle my chosen location and I can smell the fresh grass under me. I have been lying here a while, soaking it all in, reflecting on things, when […]

Experiencing the Bush

by Heather Orton

I am in the back of the truck, second row where I can spot what the bush has to offer more easily. We are driving down a dusty dirt road and I can feel the evening air rushing through the front, it smells dry and fresh all at the same time. The bush noises crowd […]