"The biggest adventure you can take is
to live the life of your dreams." Oprah Winfrey

The Back to Basics Experience aims to transport you to an inspiring location, beautiful in its simplicity and untouched by the modern world. Each experience provides a window to what life was like before the technological revolution and an opportunity for reflection as you disconnect from your busy life and revel in the stillness that comes when reconnecting with our natural surroundings.

A concept borne out of the Founder's own journey of self-discovery and recognising that she has her greatest

epiphanies when she has had the time and space to reflect, helping her to feel more centred and inspired whenever she spends time in the wild – be that on a mountain, a beach or the African bushveld.

Supported by carefully chosen, highly experienced coaches, these experiences are tailored to allow you to chart your journey of personal discovery so please browse the other pages to see if there is an experience that resonates with you.